At C. R. Oils , we strive for continuous improvements to achieve high quality and competitiveness in existing processes and products. Every unit of the group has sought to consolidate its expertise in its own areas of operation. However, the group has grown not just through addition of these strengths, it has grown far stronger through synergies established between them. The Quality Assurance department continuously monitors and ensures all aspects of quality control, which include:
- Analysis of incoming materials.
- In-process intermediates and final products as per the respective specifications, which could sometimes be specially indicated by the customers.

"Agmark" is the certification of quality for Food products in India. We enjoy the confidence and trust of Agmark. All our products are "Agmark" certified. Food safety has become a major concern of everyone. Consumer consciousness and the environmental awareness are increasing the world over. Right from the inception, CR Oils has been dedicated to purity and hygiene. CR Oils acquired the AGMARK registration from its beginning. At present, the oil exported from India are as per the AGMARK Grade Specifications. These specifications consider, individual characteristics of oil, color, size, density, moisture presence, extraneous matter, damaged products etc.

Specifications of  ‘HAWAI GHORA’ Mustard Oil:



: Agmark grade 1 edible mustard oil


Appearance (Beliers Turbidity Test)

: 24  to  25.8





Free Fatty Acid

: 0.125%  to 0.75%


Iodine value

: 110  to  112


Saponification value

: 172  to  177


Refractive Index

: 1.4659  to  1.4661


Essential Oil (Pungency)

: 0.25  to  0.29


Moisture & insoluble impurities

: 0.01%  to  0.10%


UN SAP matter

: 0.86  to  0.88


Specific Gravity

: 0.9085  to 0.9089


Mineral Oil

: Negative



: Negative

Others Specifications:

  • Free from any harmful cholesterols.
  • Contains no preservatives or additives or chemicals. 100% natural.
  • 100% pure mustard oil.
  • Manufactured and packed in most modern and hygienic mills.
  • Tested and passed by government approved chemist in own in-house laboratory.
  • Available in various packs of 200ml, 500ml, 1 ltr, 2 ltrs, 5 ltrs, 15 kgs packed in refill pouches, PET bottles, HDPE jars, and tin containers